Water Theme Park

Recreation Facilities

You can create your own  holiday in Pirate Island Resort & Theme Park,  Melaka! Spend some quality time with your family and friends and enjoy your experience in our Water Theme Park! Fun activities await you.

, Water Theme Park

Water Theme Park

  • Whirlwind slides with different colours and height from 5’to 30”
  • Giant water bucket that pours water every 2 minutes
  • Water Gun Shooter that shoots anyone at the Water Gate
  • Sea Saw water deep that lifts water in the air
  • Ring flushes
  • Roller blades
  • Water Spit from Dolphin, Sea Horse, Rabbit and Crocodile
  • Hula hoop multi-colours ring that eject water
  • Lotus flower and Avatar tree that gush and spurt water

Wave Pool

  • An area size of 60’ to 180’ with a depth from 6” to 6’’
  • The different types of waves will arrive in clockwork once every few minutes is another re-creation of nature of artificial ocean shore
  • Elephant and dolphin slides
  • Trampoline placed at the side will make the kids enjoying high flying jump
  • Plenty pool side wooden lounger for you to relax and feel the sound of the waves
, Water Theme Park